Donington ‘Fun Day’

So it was off to a warm and Sunny Donington, sorry, a wet, windy and miserable Donington to meet Bacs for our fun day toying with different cars.

Things certainly started off exciting, as whilst Bacs was doing a presentation, I was out on track on my own, with slick tyres, courtesy of mechanic Josh (go figure) in the pouring rain, which was exciting to say the least! So as the rain was still falling, we had to go to wets, which was quite frankly a relief after some of my many sideways ‘moments’.

So then, we got things under way with people coming through the car, and I was driving easily to the conditions. After the rain stopped, the track started to dry out quite nicely so the slicks went back on. I then went back out and had some big sideways moments, due to the damp track still, which was quite entertaining, especially for the passenger at that time!

As the day progressed the track got faster and faster, whilst the tyres got worse and worse. The under steer became almost unliveable with, but never the less, we kept going. The car performed brilliantly all day, even if it did fail to start at one point? All in all, a great day, some extra seat time for me, which is nice, ready to bring on Rockingham next weekend!!

I’m now off to Nurburgring for a 3 hour classic endurance, so see you next weekend for some more Clio cup action.