Rockingham Saturday

Qualifying was lovely and dry but with rain expected so I decided that I would do a simply 2 tyre runs on new tyres to get times in fast in case of rain. It worked well as I was lying 3rd and then rain started falling and the track became slippery, with Nicolas Hamilton being the first casualty into the gravel at the tarzan hairpin.

The rain soon stopped though, the sun came out and the track dried fast so I had to go out again to try and improve as my position was no longer safe. So i went again, with just 6 minutes left, I got stuck in a bit of traffic so pulled back to get some clear space, though this could have compromised me as I wouldn’t have a slipstream around the fast banked oval.

I did a 1m30.803s lap which put me P2, and I caught the traffic back up, so I had to back off again, and everyone as a result went quicker when I backed off leaving me P7. I knew time was nearly up so I made a last lap effort, but caught Mark Proctor at one of the fastest points! I kept it flat out and he kindly moved out the way. I came across the line at the last minute to post a 1m30.463s lap which put me P2 alongside team mate Jack Goff for a Pyro front row lock out! I was over the moon to say the least, and my second best time put me P4 for race 2, a great effort.

The race came and I made a good start, but because I was on the outside I fell to 4th by the first hairpin. However, a late brake around the outside put me back into P2 behind team mate Goff. We pulled away from the field in the first 3 laps to have a 3 second lead over everyone else, but then the safety car came out, which was a real shame.

However, at the restart we both made a break again, and pulled away with team mate Aron Smith making a lunge for 3rd at the hairpin. Throughout the race Goff and I were swapping fastest laps as we continued to pull away, but it was me who eventually got it and the 2 points that comes with it, and we crossed the line for a Pyro 1,2,3 a great result for the team and P2 for me, I was ecstatic!